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Canzona Chamber Players are raising money for the restoration of the Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts in Ukraine by supporting two concerts featuring pianist Anna Sagalova, one of the university’s professors, in Toronto.

In October, Anna Sagalova, who evacuated from Kharkiv amidst heavy shelling from the Russian invaders, teamed up with Vancouver-based composer Anna Pidgorna to hold a fundraising concert, and now we would like to hold two fundraisers in Toronto on January 15th and 17th.


We intend to host Anna Sagalova in a solo piano recital at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, for 100 attendees, with a suggested minimum donation of $30 and a private house concert for 20 attendees, with a suggested $500 minimum donation.


The Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts is a temple of Ukrainian music and culture and is severely damaged by a nearby Russian missile strike. The school now needs the restoration of electricity and water systems and the repair of structural damages, including the restoration of walls, floors, roofs, and windows. Musical instruments have already been damaged due to cold temperatures and moisture and need to be protected from further deterioration. There is also a need to support elderly professors who could not evacuate from Kharkiv and do not have access to medicine, medical care and basic needs. The estimated costs of the windows and heating systems alone are $550,000 CAD. The Mystetskyy Allians Charitable Foundation is working to rebuild the school and support the professors and will be the benefactor of our fundraising efforts.

Official letter from The Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts



Code: 44226299

Registration number: 1004801020000088373

Date of registration: 04/06/2021

Address: Ukraine, 61058, Kharkiv, Ivanivska street, 1, room 202


Receiving Bank SWIFT: UGASUAUK JSB Ukrgasbank Kyiv Ukraine
Correspondent Bank 

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.New York  CHASUS33  899579957

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas  New YorkBKTRUS3304452135

Bank of New York MellonNew YorkIRVTUS3N8901397660

account IBAN UA763204780000026009924904274 
Details of Payment charitable contributions. 

This event is produced by Pickle Underground in partnership with Canzona Chamber Players.

All proceeds will go to support the Artistic Alliance (Mystetskyy Allians) Charitable Foundation


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What is the place of classical music in a time of war? While for many, this art form serves as an escape from the chaos of the world, for Ukrainian musicians, it has become a tool of resistance against a dark force that aims to annihilate our culture. For world-class pianist Anna Sagalova, an Honoured Artist of Ukraine who evacuated from one of the most heavily shelled cities, sharing the music of her homeland is a lifeline.

In this benefit concert to support the reconstruction of the main Kharkiv music conservatory damaged by Russian shelling, Sagalova will perform music by Mykola Lysenko, Marco Karminsky, Myroslav Skoryk and Anna Pidgorna.


Composer Anna Pidgorna will guide the audience through this rich repertoire and lead an artist talk following the performance.

Anna Sagalova is a Ukrainian pianist displaced from her home in Kharkiv due to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the constant bombardment of her city. She is an Honored Artist of Ukraine and Associate Professor at Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts. 

Anna is an internationally recognized artist and a laureate of many competitions in Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Canada and Germany. She frequently plays as a soloist with symphony orchestras throughout Ukraine under the baton of conductors from Ukraine, the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, etc. Sagalova has given concerts at the state radio studio in Bern, the International Museum of the Red Cross in Geneva (Switzerland), the Bösendorfer Hall in Vienna (Austria), the House Museum of F. Liszt, the concert hall in Altenburg in Weimar (Germany), among others. She has taken part in several festivals, including the Days of Ukrainian Culture festival in Poznan (Poland), the International Music Festival in Lubostron (Poland), the International festival of chamber music in Shanghai (China), Kyiv-Music-Fest (Ukraine), and Kharkiv Assemblies (Ukraine). Her performances have been broadcasted on radio and television. She has recorded two compact discs.

In 2016 Anna was elected chairman of the advisory department in the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine's "Council of Young Scientists." She is also a member of the National Cоuncil on issues of cultural and art education under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. She took part in the creation of laws on higher artistic education: "On education" and "On scientific and technical activity".

Anna is the artistic director of the International competition of musical art "Kharkiv Assemblies", co-founder of the project "Music against cancer", and a producer of multiple events and concerts. She is a jury member in several national and international music competitions in Ukraine. Anna gives piano masterclasses in Ukraine, Spain and the UK. Among her students and graduates are winners of all-Ukrainian and international music competitions. 


Anna studied with the People's Artist of Ukraine, T.B. Vyerkina, at the I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts in Kharkiv and completed a postgraduate course with G. Otto at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar (Germany). She participated in international piano masterclasses in Ukraine, Switzerland, China and France, where she attended classes of the professors K. Steinegger, P. Soubleau (Switzerland), E. Skovorodnykov (Ukraine-Canada), N. Shtarkman (Russia), K. Hellwig, G. Rosenberg, E. Haase, M. Dorrit, G. Otto (Germany), V. Zuponchich (USA), L. Knezhkova-Hassi, (Canada), K. Zera, P. Yansen (France), B. Sokolai (Hungary), Xiao Zong (China).  

Displaced from her home in Kharkiv due to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and constant bombardment of her city, Anna Sagalova now lives in the Greater Vancouver area with her son.


Interview with Anna

Anna’s YouTube channel

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